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At Hello Future, we want to provide young people in Cumbria with the sort of information and support that wasn’t available when I was considering my options, to help them make the key decisions so important to their future. Working out what to do next is an exciting time, however we recognise that it can also sometimes be a stressful time as well, given the number of routes and options available.

The Hello Future team can offer a range of free workshops and events to schools and colleges, as well as in the community, that explore the different routes into higher education. We cover information on university and higher/degree apprenticeships (locally and further afield) to help guide and inform young people throughout the process. We also explore key skills and experience needed for the different routes.

Hello Future is a partnership of universities, colleges and employers working together to increase the number of young people in Cumbria going into higher education. We are a government funded project so some of our work needs to focus on particular areas within Cumbria. These are areas where young people have been less likely to go into higher education. With this in mind, please do get in touch with us to find out if you are eligible for support.
Thank you.

Lisa Jackson

Programme Manager

Lisa Martin - Programme Manager

Hello, my name is Lisa and I’m the Hello Future programme manager. I hope our website proves to be really useful in terms of providing the information and support you need to help guide you through the higher education process.

From a personal perspective, my decision to go university wasn’t easy. If I’m honest, I didn’t really know much about higher education, as no one in my family had ever gone to university. Also, there wasn’t even a university in Cumbria at the time. Luckily my school, Ullswater Community College in Penrith, provided me with opportunity to visit several different universities around the country, where I booked on to various Saturday open days with my mum. We enjoyed the trips to the different cities and always made time for shopping afterwards! Even with all the open days and reading the different university prospectuses, it was difficult deciding which university would be best for me.

I wanted to go to a top university so visited Newcastle, Manchester and York. Being from a small town, I thought a buzzing and vibrant city like Manchester would be my favourite, but when I got there I just felt lost. York seemed like a good option, but the train tickets were more expensive – and it took ages to get home. Finally, I decided on Newcastle. I was comfortable with the city as I’d visited it previously on a number of occasions with my family. It was far enough away to feel I’d left home and could be independent, but close enough to get back at the weekend if I felt a bit homesick.

Once I’d made my decision, my mum and dad were supportive but nervous about me moving away from home. We made use of information on websites as well as contacts within school and the university to work through the student finance and accommodation processes.

When I got to Newcastle, it wasn’t always easy, but I learned loads – not only about my subject but also about myself! It’s fair to say that I absolutely loved my time in Newcastle – and my degree has opened so many doors and helped me to get a job I love. It was definitely the right decision to go to university.

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We work with partners across Cumbria to support young people to realise their potential, including colleges, universities and employers.


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