Wednesday 4th November 2020, 16:00 - 17:30   Zoom link will be sent to attendees ,

Staff are the school’s and college’s most valuable resource and we need to put our own and our colleagues’ wellbeing at the heart of the ongoing response to COVID -19. This training session will explore how evidence about resilience can help us consciously plan resilience-building systems and behaviours so that everyone feels able to positively adapt to the challenge and adversity we are all facing.

The session will take place on Zoom and cover:

  • Key principles of the evidence-based Resilient Therapy and Resilient Behaviour at work
  • Practical steps a school can take to support all staff, increase motivation and reduce anxiety
  • Tips for consciously building resilience into our own lives

We have 30 places. To book your place, please email Nicola: 

Bookings close on 30th October 2020 at 3pm

If you are a Hello Future lead contact for your school or college and you require different arrangements, please email Nicola to discuss.