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Helping the young people of Cumbria make the right decisions over their choices.

We understand it can be difficult to support your child with next steps after sixth form or college. There are just so many different options to choose from and all you want to do is ensure your child makes the right decision for them.

Deciding what to do for the best can be the scariest part for young people and often this results in them picking the first thing they see, hesitating for so long they miss an opportunity, or just choosing to do the same thing as their friends.

Higher education is either studying at university or a higher-level apprenticeship and is the next step after sixth form or college. Many young people progress to this level of study and enjoy learning more about their favourite subject or training for their dream career. Some stay at home and study, whilst others move away from home. It can be a daunting idea, especially if your child is the first in the family to study at this level. It can also be confusing, as information on student finance and how to apply for it can change regularly.

Here at Hello Future, we are committed to supporting both you and your child through this process. There is already a lot of information available online, however we’ve brought some of those recommended sources into one place for you to access on the internet.

They provide a variety of relevant, useful and up-to-date information on the higher education application process which will hopefully make the whole process a lot less daunting for you.

Please remember that we are here to help – so please get in touch if you have any questions. Hello Future has been set up with the primary purpose of helping more young people in Cumbria go into higher education so we will be more than happy to speak with you and guide you through the process.


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Our events are aimed at students in years 9–13 who are on course to obtain five GCSEs at grade A* -C, or 4-9 including Math and English and who live in certain areas of Cumbria where the number of young people progressing to higher education are historically much lower than in the rest of the county.

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