Course Progress

The University v Apprenticeship Debate (Part 1)

We want you to think about why University could be the best option (try not to think about your own personal beliefs, but the knowledge and understanding of what University is)

You will need use the prompts below, as well as your own knowledge, to construct an argument for pro-University.


  • Earning while learning
  • Moving away or staying at home
  • Social life
  • Assessment styles
  • Living in a city or on campus
  • Entry requirements
  • Placement options
  • Scholarships
  • Options to study abroad
  • Loud and social, or quieter
  • Work experience
  • Budget
  • Living alone or with others

Now you’ve been introduced to university you’re going to argue for pro-University in the first part of the University vs Apprenticeship debate. 

Please write a couple of paragraphs in response to the instructions above.