Hello Future supports young people across Cumbria to progress to higher education and realise their potential.

What is Hello Future?

Established in 2017, Hello Future is a partnership of local universities, colleges and employers who are committed to improving access to higher education for the young people of Cumbria.

We offer guidance and practical support to help young people with future decision making and choices. We understand how difficult it can be to decide what to do after school or college, so our work very much focusses on explaining what the options are, whilst providing information support on the important choices they have to make during this busy and exciting time.

The Hello Future programme offers a range of workshops and events that enable young people to explore the different routes and options into higher education, whilst focusing on the practical skills and experience needed. As an organisation, we also provide advice, guidance and support to teachers and advisors, as well as to parents, guardians and carers with the higher education process.

We do this in the hope that our work will help increase the number of young people within Cumbria going into higher education, and in so doing, help enable these young people to achieve the sort of future they want for themselves.

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Our Partners

We work with partners across Cumbria to support young people to realise their potential, including colleges, universities and employers.

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