Evaluating impact and sharing knowledge

Hello Future is one of 29 Uni Connect Partnerships in England. Partnerships are made up of local Universities, employers, local authority and other key organisations and this is funded by the Office for Students. Click here to find out more about the Hello Future partnership.

Hello Future wants to ensure that we can measure the impact of the programmes and activities we deliver. Since 2017, Hello Future has delivered thousands of  Higher Education outreach interventions to local schools and colleges providing support in Higher Education skills and knowledge and educational attainment


Understanding our impact

We are committed to understanding the impact we have on the young people we work and meeting our aims and objectives is central to our work across our programmes.

To ensure we have measurable impact we use a Theory of Change. This shows the long-term impact we are aiming for and details what we think needs to go in to the programme to achieve it and how we will know if we are on the right track. It also helps us to understand how the different parts of our programme fit together and helps us to plan the evaluation so that we can measure the impact of our work. You can find out more about our current evaluation here. This sits alongside our ‘Progression Framework’. The whole team review this ahead of the start of the academic year based on what we have learned about ‘what works’ in the previous year.