Our E-Learning Courses 

Take a look at our range of E-Learning Courses helping you learn more about higher education.


Identifying Your Strengths

Begin to identify your values and strengths and how they might lead to your ideal career options.


Voluntary and Community Organisations CPD

Learn how to spark conversations about Higher Education with learners in your organisation.


University Life as an Adult Learner

Welcome to our online e-course on university life as an adult learner, Hello Future, along with help from all our partners, have created this course with adult and access learners in mind.


Understanding Your Options

Learn about the educational pathways available to you.


Studying Effectively

Develop your study skills and learn about how they may benefit you in the future.



Develop your research skills and learn more about research in employment and higher education.


Preparing for Life After School or College

Learn essential skills needed to help you prepare for your future educational and career pathways.

Check out our suite of Workshops; available pre-recorded or delivered live

Our pre-recorded sessions are a great way to run workshops at your own pace – just press play and follow along in your classroom! Each session comes with a session plan outlining aims and objectives and links to Gatsby Benchmark themes. Please speak to your Area Officer, or email hellofuture@cumbria.ac.uk to find out more.

  • Your Future: In this workshop learners can explore their skills, talents and values to map out possible routes for their future – designed to ‘light the spark’ in planning their next steps.
  • Growth Mindset: For this session, learners can explore how mindsets can influence actions and how to build resilience and self-motivation.
  • Study Well: Introducing study styles, health and productivity skills, and showing how they are adaptable beyond school and into their future education.
  • Communicating Confidently: Learners can practise forms of communication in this workshop, and learn how to adapt these for various interview formats and workplace situations.