This grant has been created to support the programme’s target learners to access higher education (HE) opportunities. This may include; travel to HE open days, HE interviews, apprenticeship events and experience days.

The grant is for the use of the young person named on the application form, plus one other person should they wish to take someone, and should not be used for any other purpose. To find out if you are eligible for this grant, please submit a short application by clicking the button below.

The grant is not intended for costs which do not directly support a person progressing to HE, or for ongoing costs such as regular travel to/from university or college.

Some examples of how the HE grant can be used include:

  • HE open days
  • Interviews
  • Apprenticeship events
  • Experience days
  • Overnight accommodation and travel to the above
  • Paid for online experience related to education progression such as online work experience or taster events
  • Resources that would support an individual’s educational progression to higher education
  • Resources to support those in transition years of year 11 and 13
Please note: Applicants will need to send evidence of spend after the event in order to process the funds. Hello Future cannot process the funds until we have received the evidence.


To find out if you are eligible for the Higher Education Opportunities Grant, please complete our short application below.

Higher Education Opportunities Grant Application Form

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