There are many opportunities for apprenticeships in a range of industries from care and education, to finance and legal, to project management. You can search for an apprenticeship here 👉Find an Apprenticeship or browse this resource by Amazing Apprenticeships 👉 Apprenticeship Vacancies, February 2023

Apprenticeships can be found across the UK or even here in Cumbria. Below are some useful links to local opportunities: 

The Application Process 

Amazing Apprenticeships have created this resource to help you with your applications👉Guide to Applying for an Apprenticeship 

Once you know what apprenticeships you’re applying for, I recommend taking your time and getting the application right rather than rushing to get your application in as soon as possible, however, this is to say don’t leave it to the last minute!  

The application process normally follows the steps below, although this can vary depending on the company so make sure you check their website: 

  1. The online application: This is your initial application where you put forward your background information, experience and skills. 
  1. Aptitude test: This is where you will be asked to do a series of online tests, including verbal and numerical reasoning. 
  1. Video interview: This will be a pre-recorded strength-based interview and allows the hiring staff to get a better sense of your personality and skills.  
  1. Interview: The next interview will either be in person or over the phone. This will be more like a regular interview and will be live with a relevant member of staff. 
  1. Security clearance: If the company deals in defence and security technology like BAE Systems and Sellafield then any job offer is dependent on a thorough security check. 

Make sure you read the job specification and consider how you meet the criteria by providing examples for each skill required. This is especially important in the online application as this helps employers know that you have the skills they’re looking for. 

Aptitude Tests 

An aptitude test is a variety of different testing formats designed to test your ability to perform tasks and react to situations e.g. problem-solving, prioritisation and numerical reasoning, to name a few! Make sure you practice for these as they can be challenging, you can find some examples online: Free Aptitude Tests

And finally… 

My main tip for interviews is to prepare for questions that may be asked and to practice, practice, practice!! When you’re in an interview make sure you use positive body language to ensure you give a good impression e.g., maintaining eye contact, leaning forward, firm handshake and not fidgeting. 

For more help and support surrounding apprenticeships and the applications visit our website, Young People – Hello Future where we have loads of amazing resources for you to use. Want to explore this topic in more detail? Why not take our free e-course and learn more about how to apply for an apprenticeship, Our Courses & Presentations – Hello Future. Amazing Apprenticeships, Amazing Apprenticeships Resources , also have a range of useful resources that I’d recommend checking out!