My experience of applying to UCAS was really positive, and I remember it to be a straightforward process. My tutor went through the process with me, where I filled in all my details, selected my courses at the different universities and attached my personal statement. After I’d sent it off, my teacher would then attach the reference, so I didn’t need to worry about that! 

Writing my personal statement was hard work. We drafted our statements over the summer between year 12 and 13 and I did struggle at first even picking a subject to do at university! I then did some free online courses on global issues such as water scarcity and having really enjoyed chemistry A Level I decided to do chemistry. I focused on my interest in the applications of chemistry and used my online courses to provide evidence of my passion for the subject. My top tips would be if you’re struggling to write your personal statement then to make sure you’re applying for the right course; if you’re interested in the subject, you should be able to easily demonstrate it through either items you’ve watched or read, or through your participation in clubs or events. 

After I’d received all my offers, I had to pick my firm choice. I was weighing it up between the University of Bath and the University of York. It wasn’t until the second I clicked the button that I knew I wanted to go to York – it was a real split decision moment! 

I loved my time at York, the course was one of the top for chemistry and I loved their use of teaching colleges as it really helped me meet people on my course. I had an amazing lab group, and we’d meet up regularly outside of learning. University was the best option for me as I got to meet loads of new people from all over the world and I really grew my confidence both through my course and by living independently and meeting new people. 

If you’re still thinking about applying for university, I’d really recommend applying! Even if you’re still unsure you should still apply, as you can always drop your application later if you change your mind! 

For help and support with the application visit our webpage,  Young People – Hello Future , where we have loads of amazing resources to help you! For more information about the application process and for more support visit UCAS’s website, Learn all about filling in your UCAS application for uni!