Home schooling can be challenging. Are you looking for extra ideas?

We wanted to share a free video blog with you from The Remote Learning Parent (AKA Sander, Head Trainer at MADE).

The videos offer a variety of ways to navigate remote learning. Sander shares lots of tips, tools and strategies. Check our the videos and let us know if they’ve been helpful.

Episode 1 – we meet Sander and his children, we start to focus on preparing ourselves, children and spaces

Some key points:

  • We are guides and do not need to know all the answers
  • Let’s agree the structure and framework together
  • Making a plan of action

Episode 2 – is all about schedule and routine

Some key points:

  • Stick to school timetable where possible – breaks and lunch too
  • Match home working (where possible) to this routine
  • Keep talking to one another, ‘how did we find it?’ ‘do we have the structure down?’

Episode 3 – we will be looking at environment

Some key points:

  • Where you study can have a big effect on focus and concentration
  • If you can, keep study to a downstairs room – this can help with self-discipline and keeping on track
  • Where possible, keep away from studying on the bed

Episode 4 – how can we reflect and review at the end of the day?

Some key points:

  • Let’s get talking about we have learnt
  • What are the key messages from study time for each subject?
  • Using open ended questions help children commit learning to long term memory

Episode 5 –  we hear about a simple technique called Win/Learn/Change

Some key points:

  • Wins – What is working really well?
  • Learns – What are the challenges and tricky bits?
  • Changes – What can we do to make changes together?

Episode 6 –  how about sharing our own experiences

Some key points:

  • Teaching children the skills we have as home schooling

Episode 7 –  how to approach conflicts and tensions that arise

Some key points:

  • This is a testing time, take care of yourself too
  • Reflect on the approach we are taking when talking with your children
  • The different reaction to telling over asking

Episode 8 –  Easter holiday time

Don’t forget to get in touch and share your stories and ideas to make home schooling fresh, fun and informative.