David’s Story

What was your pathway since leaving school?

I immediately went into employment at 16.

What made you come back to education?

A teacher said I would never make anything of myself, so. I wanted to prove him wrong.

What courses did you start with, where did you study and why did you choose that course?

I studied a HND in electrical and electronic engineering, Carlisle College. I chose to study this course after having a discussion with a relative when I was 15.

What kind of barriers or concerns did you encounter? How did you work through these? Who supported you? Where did you find help?

Work / study balance was difficult, but I had good employers who allowed me to have the correct balance. Balancing work and study can be a difficult one to manage, but as described above good employers make the process easier. I managed to balance everything by reducing my social elements and increasing my study.

What would you want others who are thinking about returning to education to know?

Think about the career path you want to take and not to go onto higher education with no master plan.

What did you go on to do after gaining the qualifications you chose?

Changed career path and worked hard to achieve my goals!

How do you think returning to education as an adult is different to continuing into college and then Uni from school?

I think you have a different level of maturity when you return as an adult.

What benefits has returning to education brought you?

It opened professional doors for me. I am reaping the benefits of early mornings and late nights, it is worth it.

What five words do you associate with your higher education journey?

Mature, driven, disciplined, dedicated and motivated