Apprenticeship Applications and Aptitude Tests

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Welcome to this course focusing on apprenticeship applications and aptitude tests. 

This course focuses on the apprenticeship application process as well as what to expect from aptitude tests. However, we believe students across the board will find it a useful guide for any applications to come!

Applications and aptitude tests can be a daunting process, however, we’re here to help you break it down so you can feel more confident about it. 

This course is intended to inform you about the different types of apprenticeships available. It also provides advice about the application process for apprenticeships with a particular focus on aptitude tests. 

The learning outcomes for this course are:

  • Understand the application process for an apprenticeship
  • Explore some common themes tested in aptitude tests.
  • Recognise that aptitude tests can be a real challenge, but practice makes perfect

This course will take around 1 hour to complete but you do not need to do this all at once – your progress will be saved as you go along!