This June, I’m running a free Hello Future trip package all about journalism. I’ve put this together because I’m passionate about the importance of journalism and the opportunities it can offer you. For example, I discovered a love of writing by being involved in my University newspaper as the Editor of the music section; not only was this a hugely enjoyable experience, but I made a load of great friends and developed some really useful skills. If you have an interest in English, Creative Writing or Media, I hope you’ll consider joining us for this brilliant (and totally free!) trip package. Read on to find out more…

Why does journalism matter?

Journalism allows us to stay informed about the world. Whether you want to know about the political situation in South America or the best place to get ramen in Middlesborough, it’s often a journalist providing the answers. Reporting events is one aspect of this: some journalists relay the news live from dangerous places so that they can stay up-to-date with the latest developments. This goes beyond simply stating facts but shaping them into a compelling narrative or ‘story’, whilst providing analysis and insight.

It’s not all politics, natural disasters and warzones though – journalism can mean writing about art and culture, science and technology or virtually any area of life you can think of. It’s not just news programmes and newspapers either, journalism exists across all mediums of communication, from TikTok to podcasts, photographs and documentaries.

What’s in it for you?

The wide-ranging nature of journalism means that within the field there is plenty of room for different interests and career options, so even if you’re not sure what you might like to do now there’s lots to explore. Journalism is particularly fantastic for imparting transferable skills – meaning that you can use them in a variety of jobs – such as communication, organisation, teamwork and many more.

This means that if you were to study journalism, you’d develop plenty of experiences which you could use to work in a different industry should you choose. Journalism itself offers many exciting opportunities however, including the option to write about things you’re passionate about, meet a wide range of fascinating people and explore new places locally, nationally or even internationally!

The Experience

Through these trips, I want to give you the best possible insight into studying and working in the world of journalism. To do this we’re going to visit The University of Central Lancashire to see (and try out!) their incredible facilities, including a fully operational television studio. You’ll have the opportunity to meet tutors and students, hear about their experiences and ask any questions you have about studying journalism. There will also be more general information about going to university, so even if you decide studying journalism isn’t for you, you’ll still go away with loads of useful insights.

A week later, we are running an exclusive masterclass and Q&A with Mark Elliott, the Executive Director of BBC Radio Cumbria & Lancashire. This is a chance to ask a seasoned industry professional all about their job! Mark will also be delivering an exclusive masterclass, giving you top tips to make the most of your budding journalistic skills. The final component is a trip to Newcastle City Centre, where you will have the chance to visit museums and art galleries, building the cultural inspiration that makes for such great journalistic material. This includes the chance to explore the city independently!

The trip itinerary is as follows:

June 1st – Trip to UCLan, with the opportunity to use their world class journalism facilities and hear from tutors/students about the experience of studying there

June 8th – Exclusive masterclass & Q&A with Mark Elliott, the Executive Director of BBC Cumbria, who will share his extensive experience as a journalist and give you the chance to ask questions about the profession

June 11th – Trip to Newcastle, visiting the city on a cultural trip and doing your own independent exploring!

You can register your interest here:

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in June!