Congratulations on finishing your exams, you’ve made it to the end, and can now relax and unwind over the summer holidays! It’s time to put your feet up and reward yourself for all your hard work.  If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do…then check out some of the ideas below on how to celebrate!  

  • Have a party

Get all your friends round and celebrate! Pick your party playlist, grab some snacks and dance the night away! You could even theme your party e.g., dress up as the first letter of your name, dynamic duos, Hawaiian, British icons – to name a few!  

  • Binge watch your favourite show or fall in love with a new one 

Have a a lazy pyjama day in bed or on the sofa, curled up with your favourite snacks… Check out these most-binge worth recommendations to get hooked into: Best TV Shows to Binge

  • Cook your favourite foods 

Heading to university after your A Levels and want to practice your cooking? Or just want to cook yourself your favourite meal?  You could cook for friends and family or even create your own come dine with me! Now is the perfect time to develop your cooking skills and treat yourself to your favourite food. Check this out for recipes if you’re stuck for ideas: Dinner Recipe Ideas

  • Have a BBQ 

Enjoy the British sunshine and get your friends and family over for a BBQ! 

  • Meet up with friends 

Catch-up on with friends over dinner or have fun out a day out! You could organise a day trip to the beach, have a picnic in the park, visit a museum, or go to the cinema.   

  • Pick up a hobby – whether old or new! 

Revision and exams may have taken up all your time these last few months, so if you’re stuck on what to do with your time, then keep yourself busy by picking up some hobbies. Whether you already have a hobby or are looking to try something new or learn a new skill- e.g., painting, sports, baking etc., there’s so much to enjoy!  

  • Take a trip with friends and family 

Sun yourself on the beach, or by a pool, or head out and explore a new city! Go on holiday abroad or go on a British staycation. For holiday inspiration check this out: Holiday Inspiration

  • Get into nature 

Head out for some fresh air and explore the beautiful countryside. Enjoy a walk or bike ride at your local park or go out and explore Cumbria’s Lake District or the nearby Pennines or Yorkshire Dales! For some inspiration on where to hike check out this: Walks in the Lake District A personal favourite of mine is Buttermere and its surrounding walks up around Haystacks! 

  • Go camping 

Camping can be a great summer activity whether with friends or family! Head out into nature and explore the joys of sleeping under the stars. Challenge yourself with a digital detox and instead enjoy the campfires, games and immersing yourself in nature. 

  • Go to a festival 

Listen to your favourite artists or enjoy some quality local food at festivals around the world! Whether you fancy the big festivals or the local one – there’s something for everyone. Browse festivals here: Festival Finder

  • Go shopping 

There’s nothing like retail therapy to reward yourself after spending hours revising! Treat yourself to the something special you’ve been wanting to buy for ages or browse the summer sales for some great discounts! Heading to university or college? Style up your wardrobe with a new outfit or start getting the essentials. 

  • Get fit 

Whether you have a goal or not, get fit and healthy by joining a sports team or going to the gym or for a run!  

  • Sleep 

With no reason to get up early, why not treat yourself to a lie-in? Catch up on some sleep, especially if you’ve been having a lot of late-night study sessions, so that you’ll be relaxed and refreshed to enjoy the rest of your summer. 

However you end up spending your summer – enjoy it and well done on your exams!