We were delighted to be part of the virtual Future Focus Conference, which took place online on Friday 25th March.

Our very own Outreach Delivery Manager, Kirsty Wilson, presented the ‘Future of Widening Participation’ session alongside University of Chester and University of Cumbria, which was well received, with 92 people attending the session!

Kirsty says, “I was honoured to represent Hello Future and other UniConnect Partnerships at the recent Northwest Future Focus Conference for Teachers and Advisors presenting on ‘The Future of Widening Participation’ alongside University of Cumbria and University of Chester. It was amazing to have approximately 90 teachers and advisors join our session to discover information about Widening Participation from both a University and UniConnect Partnership perspective. Signy Henderson, Dean for Student Success from University of Cumbria, provided a fascinating insight into the potential future of Widening Participation and the new Office for Students Director’s vision for this sector.”

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