Encouraging learners to make the best of their abilities

Working in partnership with Inspira, the REACT Foundation encourages learners to make the best of their abilities and achieve their potential. They also strive to encourage learners into post-16 study of maths and science subjects through a wide range of routes; recognising the growth in local and national career opportunities in all areas of engineering.

During academic years 2017 – 2019, REACT worked with 14 learners – and their parents – from Whitehaven Academy and Netherall School to host exciting, inspiring and fun activities showing the application of maths and science in a work setting. This was combined with one-to-one mentoring support for each learner led by Inspira; encouraging hard work and congratulating effort and achievement.

Having enrolled in Year 9, the learners would experience the programme across Years 10 and 11. The group were able to experience one trip or visit per half term, varying from evening to day events including campus visits to the University of Cumbria, the University of Manchester and the National College for Nuclear. Learners were also able to develop their subject-specific knowledge, having experienced a variety of talks, including that of: Formula 1 Motorsport, Research & Development laboratories and engineering/science businesses.

One of the most well-received events, was the end-of-year residential trip to the University of Manchester. This gave learners first-hand experience of what life might have been like on a university campus.

This project was of no cost to parents, carers or schools and engagement with parents and teaching staff was encouraged at regular intervals.

Throughout the length of the programme, each learner received around 56 hours of moderately to substantially intensive activity, in group and one-to-one settings.