The holidays can be such a wonderful time, to spend with family, get some much-needed rest and respite, and to celebrate all that you have achieved in the last year. However, here at Hello Future, we also know that the holidays can be a stressful time for many be that because you are: managing family relationships, working over the break, or revising for upcoming mocks. We know that those stresses are real and aren’t going anywhere, so we’ve devised a few of our top tips to help manage your stress levels over the school break in the hopes that you will get to enjoy the holidays.


  1. Get some light – With the darkest day of the year drawing near fast, our opportunity for natural light is limited. Make sure you spend some time outdoors during daylight hours, as lower levels of vitamin D can cause us to feel low and tired, and sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D. If you know that your vitamin D levels get low during the winter, make sure to stock up on any supplements your GP recommends.
  2. Dance away the stress – Exercise is one of the best tools in our defence against stress, we naturally produce endorphins when we exercise which improves our mood and reduces anxiety. Move your body in a way that feels good to you, be that running, walking, yoga or even dancing to your favourite festive song on a revision break.
  3. Breaks are good – If you are revising over the break, make sure you allow for breaks in your schedule. It’s important to see family and maintain relationships, as well as allowing you to rest and come back to studying with a clearer mind. Work little and often and make time for the things that make you happy.
  4. Set realistic goals – Everyone has the urge to slow down over winter, it is a natural bodily response to the cold and dark. Honour that in your revision and in your work – you don’t have to do everything in the break. Aim for realistic goals that reflects all the demands of the holiday season as well as your own needs. Remember – slow and steady wins the race.
  5. Treat yourself – Treats can be a great way to motivate yourself over the holidays. Why not have your favourite festive drink with your revision? Our personal choice would always be a hot chocolate, with added cinnamon.


The holiday season can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. Enjoy yourself, be kind to yourself, slow down and we will see you in the new year; ready to give you all the tips to manage the Higher Education tasks that come in.

Happy holidays, from everyone here at Hello Future!