I was really excited to join Hello Future and get started with the team!

What attracted me to Hello Future was the amount of variety in my working week. Since starting with the team, I’ve already worked on several different projects. I feel like I develop new skills everyday and I’m excited for the rest of my time here.

Some of the projects that I have worked on include planning partner trips, finding and analysing research for different strategic projects that are currently being developed, and developing a new suite of e-courses.

In particular I have really enjoyed working on the strategic projects as I enjoy doing and analysing research- both skills that I can bring with me from my time at university. It has been enjoyable to assist in the development of a new project, and I am looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

As well as this, I have also got to meet the team and meet lots of other people that we work with. Similarly, I have assisted and led meetings for different projects. This has allowed me to understand Hello Future more but also understand how we work with our partners.

Today I am also delivering my first few workshops! I am looking forward to getting to work directly with schools. I am also looking forward to getting to talk directly with learners and understand what they would like support with. I’m slightly nervous but excited to get started with workshop delivery and meet more people!

I’m excited for what else I will do in the coming months and to meet lots more people! I’m also excited to gain more skills and develop existing ones. I feel like I have developed a lot as a person and I have only been here for one month, so I’m looking forward for the rest of my time with Hello Future and how much more I will develop in that time.