I was a little nervous when I started at Hello Future but mainly excited to meet everyone and get stuck in.

It’s been really nice to do a range of tasks from planning trips, creating workshops to delivering activities in schools. From this I feel I’ll finish the year with loads of new skills and confidence.

Since starting here, I’ve met everyone and got to understand the different areas and their different needs. I’ve planned and created a whole new workshop to deliver to learners to provide an insight into my journey to Higher Education; this was a new challenge for me as creativity is not my strong suit, but I really enjoyed this task.

One of my favourite parts has been planning the partner trips. It involves a lot of organisation and meetings to discuss logistics and activities and I’m really looking forward to going on some of this year’s trips with the learners and seeing it all come together.

I’m really excited to deliver my first workshop today, although a little nervous. Having run-through the workshop a few times I feel a little better but it’s mainly just having to think on my feet if I forget stuff.

It’s been exciting to get involved with strategic projects and looking at the planning and research associated with them. I’m looking forward to where they’ll lead to and the outcomes they’ll provide.

In the last month I’ve really enjoyed my time here. The teams really nice and I look forward to the coming months. We have lots of workshops booked in and trips planned so I’m really excited to get involved more and carry on with the strategic projects.