My first week of university was jam-packed, and I absolutely loved it! Don’t get me wrong it can be overwhelming with so much going on but remember to take part in what you’re comfortable with and take time out to relax. 

Before heading to university, I was added to a Facebook page to connect with flatmates on social media. It was useful and nice to connect with people, if not a little awkward. It was very strange when I met them for the first time in person, as often or not people are very different on social media to real life! 

Coming from Devon I had quite the drive to York; my parents came up with me, with the car fully packed! I had already picked my move in time so when we arrived at the university, I picked up my keys in the college I was assigned and there were STYCS (Second and third-year contacts) to help us move our things in. STYCs are students assigned to each flat for the week to help the move in process. Not all universities have these, but the University of York did, which made my first week at university great as they helped us settle in and make friends. 

The first week is full out loads of socialising! The STYCs came with us to events and ran tours of the campus and city. They also came with us on nights out and made sure everyone was safe and helped students get home, navigating the buses etc. There were trips to local attractions, including the beach and theme parks as well as loads of taster sessions. There was also a fresher’s fair, which is a one-day event where all of the clubs and societies at the university advertise and promote themselves to new students! It’s worth attending to explore the different societies, compare membership fees and find out how to sign up for free taster sessions, as well as get all the freebies! Remember to be open minded – you may want to try something new at uni! My advice is when you get the freshers week timetable to pick a few events you want to attend and plan your week! 

It’s not all socialising in the first week though, there is loads of welcome talks including introductions to colleges, security information, safety talks etc. You may also have some classes; these are normally course inductions to help you meet lecturers and course mates. It will be to introduce the course and go through reading lists and materials. 

The whole week was so busy, so I didn’t have much time to get homesick, although I know a few people who did! Remember to look out for your new friends and if you do get homesick, give your family a call, make your room feel homely or talk to someone. Give it time – I ended up getting home sick in the middle of term when the buzz and excitement had calmed down, and it hits everyone differently (if at all). 

Moving to uni can be expensive, especially in the first few weeks! There’s lots to do, and whilst some activities are free, some you may have to pay for. I’d recommend making a weekly budget specifically for freshers’ week. You’ll likely need to buy society membership a few weeks into university which is another cost to factor in. To help budget, make sure you have signed up to student discount websites and researched what shops offer student discounts – but remember to watch out for scams and fake event tickets!