This session is like the KS3 My HE Journey,
with the additional focus on A Level choices.
The session will take the learners through an
example of a HE journey, but intersperse key
moments that relate to A Levels such as why
the practitioner chose what they chose. It will
facilitate reflection for learners to understand
the importance of what they pick for their
A Levels, should they go onto sixth form. It
will also tackle certain myths about higher
education and help alleviate reservations
about going into higher education due to
factors like finance and applications.

This workshop will show learners the variety
of ways in which an individual can enter
Level 4 (and above) education. The workshop
content focusses on both university and
apprenticeship opportunities with learners
engaging in a debating activity that helps
them learn about the role of education
in future career paths. The session invites
learners to consider their future in terms of
how they can achieve their goals through
education both in school or college (and

Hello Future will introduce the exciting
concept of independent living and student life
to learners. Recent graduates will draw upon
their experiences within HE or training, and
shed light on the exciting opportunities that
will be available through higher education, covering: budgeting and extracurricular
activities. There will also be focus on the
benefits of HE in terms of university and
degree apprenticeships

A follow up or standalone from the Your
Future workshop, this intervention goes
further, giving learners more knowledge
about different careers and the different
qualifications they require. It will also
encourage students to consider their skills
and interests within their career goals. They
will be left with knowledge of how to further
research their goals and who can support

In this workshop, learners will learn about
interviews, including the different formats
they take and the different types of questions
they might be asked. Learners consider how
they can prepare for future interviews and
what they need to be aware of during an
interview. The workshop also covers the STAR
technique and learners are encouraged to
practice this technique to some common
interview questions. Learners are supported
in developing their interview techniques,
through participating in practical activities,
including a group discussion and a mock

In this workshop, learners will be equipped
with new knowledge and skills for their
approaches to applications and aptitude
tests for apprenticeships/jobs. The session
will explain the process of an application
and the kinds of things to expect. It will also
explore the different methods employers use
to screen their applicants, such as aptitude
tests and interviews. There will be examples
of aptitude tests in common areas such
as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning,
diagrammatic reasoning, and spatial
reasoning. There is also a corresponding
worksheet with questions for all these areas,
which learners are encouraged to practice and
revise the areas they are most unsure of.

This workshop guides learners through
key decisions they will make when
considering which higher education route
to take, including; location, courses, living
arrangements and financial support.
Recent graduates will share their individual
experiences of higher education and student
life. Learners then get the chance to plan their
own journey through HE.