Learners will explore future pathways that
align with their passions and subjects of
interest. This practical workshop session aims
to motivate learners to consider educational
progression by linking their own skills and
interests to future career options. It will also
make students aware of the support available
to them to reach their goals.

Hello Future will introduce the exciting
concept of independent living and student life
to learners. Recent graduates will draw upon
their experiences within HE or training, and
shed light on the exciting opportunities that
will be available through higher education,
covering: budgeting and extracurricular
activities. There will also be focus on the
benefits of HE in terms of university and
degree apprenticeships.

In this workshop, learners will assess their
current skills and be encouraged to further
develop essential communication skills. The
workshop includes opportunities for learners
to practice and develop their communication
skills through practical activities. Learners
are supported in developing techniques to
communicate with increased confidence,
using verbal and non-verbal communication
to express ideas clearly. Learners will also
explore the importance of communication for
future interviews

This workshop will show learners the variety of
progression routes students can take through
education. Learners will learn about the
different Level 2 options and be introduced
to apprenticeships. The workshops will focus
on further education (Level 3) opportunities,
where learners will have the opportunity
to research their options and consider
what they may be interested in studying
post-16. Learners will also be introduced to
higher education, including university and
apprenticeship options. The session invites
learners to consider their future in terms of
how they can achieve their goals through
education both in school or college (and

In this workshop, learners will listen to one
of our Graduate Intern’s journey into and
through higher education. This includes how
our Graduate Interns chose what to study,
where to study and any other challenges they
overcame. There is a discussion of common
myths associated with higher education and
an opportunity for learners to discuss any
concerns or worries they may have about HE.
Learners will also be introduced to student
finance and UCAS and the application process
for apprenticeships.