Are you heading to university in September? If so here’s some guidance on how to prepare and what to pack! 

It can be very stressful packing up your stuff, debating what to take and then having to move it all into your accommodation. There’s lots of checklists online to help you pack- some of them suggest unnecessary things but the majority of items are essential and very useful. You can find them here: 

A checklist is helpful, and I suggest having a general checklist of essentials and checking/packing in advance in case you need to acquire anything like kitchen equipment ahead of moving.  

You’ll likely be moving into a small room so try not to overpack, a good idea is to use storage boxes to store stuff under your bed to create more space!  

Here are some things to consider when packing: 

If you forget anything- don’t worry! You can always buy it when you’re at university! Much of what you need will be cheaper if you get prepared and buy it online. If you have a university related questions then please contact us: Contact – Hello Future