Course Progress

Reflection Task

In this course, you have identified your study skills and areas for improvement, as well as learning new techniques that could help you maintain well-balanced study habits for increased productivity. Now we’ve reached the end of this lesson, it’s also important to reflect on the number of building blocks you have accumulated in building a solid foundation for higher levels of study and future employment.

Earlier in the course, we talked about transferable skills and study techniques. These include:

  • Creating a timetable
  • SMART goal-setting
  • Growth Mindset
  • Organisation
  • Reading or writing skills

In the next activity, note down 3 study skills you possess or have learnt throughout this course, and how this skill may benefit you in the future. This could be relevant to university, apprenticeships or future employment. We have provided an example to help you.

Study skill/technique: Creating a timetable to schedule my week
This will help me to complete tasks I would need to do for university assignments alongside my personal commitments.