The 2nd March 2023 celebrates World Book Day!! This celebration of reading has happened for 26 years in the UK, first happening in 1997. This event was created by UNESCO to allow children to learn the joy of reading.  

Whilst reading about this years World Book Day it was interesting to find out that ‘reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success’ (The Evidence – World Book Day). This recognising the importance of even a short amount of reading for pleasure each day.  

For me reading was a huge part of my educational journey. Studying criminology at university required a lot of reading so having this skill was vital. Reading allowed me to expand on things taught in my lectures. This involved reading a lot of textbooks as well as a range of other fiction and non fiction books. However, reading is not just about reading books. For example reading the news regularly contributed significantly to expanding my knowledge of topics taught in my lectures. Similarly, reading legal and policy documents was a key part of my degree and I found that when I read around the subject and read more than just the reading lists, I got my best grades. 

As well as academic reading, reading for pleasure has sparked my passion into certain topics. Reading outside of my degree allowed me to develop my interest in feminism and women’s rights. I was able to learn more about these interests and take part in debates and conversations thanks to the things I had learnt. 

In addition to the benefits related to knowledge and learning, there is a strong correlation between regular reading for pleasure and mental health and wellbeing (National Literacy Trust). Especially in an age where technology is a significant part of life, it’s important to have a hobby away from screens. I find that reading is a better way of reducing stress than going on my phone or using social media. 

There are plenty of other benefits of reading that I have not mentioned here. If you would like to learn more follow this link. You can also find out more about World Book Day including the history of the event and how you can get involved. By following the link you can also access a range of reading resources and activities.