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An Introduction to Further Education at level 3

This section provides an introduction to further education. Specifically, it provides an overview of level 3 education. 

Further education is defined as post-16 education that might take place at sixth form or college. It is often achieved in Years 12 & 13 (or Levels 1 – 3) and at this point you can begin specialising in subjects you enjoy!​

Examples of education that occur at level 3 include: AS Levels, A Levels, International Baccalaureate, BTEC National Level 3, advanced apprenticeships and T Levels. 

An advanced apprenticeship is equivalent to level three and the next step in order to progress further after your GCSEs. 

A range of A Levels, BTEC courses and apprenticeships are offered depending on the institution you go too. Some examples are given below: 

  • Performing Arts and Theatre – Carlisle College 
  • Catering, Motorsport- Kendal College 
  • Cyberspace communication and artificial intelligence – Apprenticeship with the Royal Airforce

At your local Sixth Form or college, you might find subjects that you’re not able to do at GCSE such as Psychology, Sociology or Economics.