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Challenging misconceptions

This section seeks to challenge any  preconceptions about apprenticeships that you might have. This will be done by highlighting common preconceptions about apprenticeships and explaining why they might not be true.


The first common myth about apprenticeships is that ‘they’re for people who prefer more ‘manual’ jobs. ​  

There’s not 1 type of person an apprenticeship is for. They suit a range of people whether it be because of the hands-on learning approach, being able to earn as you learn, or upskilling without the need to pay for training. The different levels means you can enter an apprenticeship at any age and qualification.​

A second common myth is that ‘only large companies recruit apprentices​’. Although large companies tend to have larger intakes of apprentices, Apprenticeships are something any sized company can offer.​

People sometimes think that ‘apprenticeships don’t lead to a full-time job’. However, this isn’t true and 93% of apprentices remain employed on completion​.

Finally, some people often believe that ‘I have to stay local if I want an apprenticeship​’. However, apprenticeships can be done in your local area whilst living at home, but their availability nationally means that if you want to move away for a particular apprenticeship, you could choose to do this too.​

What’s important to take away from this section is that the above myths are false and there exist a vast number of different apprenticeships suitable for many people. What is most important is that you do your research and decide which type of apprenticeship is most suited for you.