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Growth Mindset

Fixed Mindset – What is it?

You believe you are either good or bad at something – no in between and you feel you cannot develop. How can it impact someone? A person with a fixed mindset will avoid challenges, give up early, and ignoring useful negative feedback.

Growth Mindset – What is it?

A growth mindset is different as you believe you can teach yourself and develop your ability. You don’t give up straight away and like a challenge.

How can this help adult learners?

An adult learner with a fixed mindset will go to university and feel like they don’t fit in, the work is too hard, and they have too much on to be studying! In turn they will immediately give up and talk themselves down. However, an adult learner with a growth mindset will appreciate that although university is difficult, seeing it as a challenge and begin to produce solutions for these problems – such as staying behind for a few hours after lectures to study, visiting office hours of lecturers, and so on.

  • Developing a growth mindset cannot be done over night, however there are some steps you can take to begin developing a growth mindset today! Such as:
  • Realising and accepting that the challenges you face will make you stronger.
  • Accepting that mistakes and failure are part of the journey, no one is perfect!
  • Finish self-criticism points with the word yet or but – “I didn’t do too well on that assignment, but I did learn how to properly reference for next time”