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Level 1 and 2

This section will look at the first 2 levels of the education framework: Level 1 and  Level 2. 

The first levels of the education framework include things like GCSEs, BTECs level 1&2, intermediate apprenticeships and  NVQs level 1&2. 

The apprenticeships available at this level are called intermediate apprenticeships. These are equivalent to 5 GCSE’s and you will earn a qualification such as a NVQ Level 2 or a BTEC Diploma relevant to a particular job sector. Apprenticeships can be carried out in a variety of sectors. 

BTECs level 1&2, intermediate apprenticeships and NVQs level 1&2 are sometimes described as vocational. This refers to educational training relating to an occupation or employment and often is a chance for you to learn whilst on the job.