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Levels of Apprenticeships

This section will introduce you to the different levels of education and will highlight where apprenticeships fit in this framework. 

The levels of education framework demonstrates which form of education occurs at which level. This is a simplified way of looking at the levels of qualifications. In terms of apprenticeships, these range from level 2 to level 6. It is important to remember that not all apprenticeships are the same. 

​The first type of apprenticeship is intermediate apprenticeships. The qualifications you’ll get from an apprenticeship like this are equivalent to a 5 to 9 at GCSE. This occurs at level 2 of the levels of education  ​​​

The next are advanced apprenticeships. From this, you’ll get qualifications that are equivalent to a Level 3 qualification, so A levels. ​This occurs at level 3. 

Then we move onto higher apprenticeships. These are the ones that will be getting you at level 4 or above, so equivalent to a degree or a foundation degree. ​

And finally, we have degree apprenticeships. This would get you a qualification equivalent to a full bachelor’s degree. This occurs at level 6-7.