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What is an interview?

An interview is a chance for an employer to see if you are the right person for the job. It’s also a chance for you to make sure the job and company are the right fit for you. 

Interviews often take place at the organisation, can occur virtually, and occasionally in more informal settings, e.g., a café. ​​

An interview can take one of three types:

  1. 1-1: Your interview may only be with one person. This is usually face-to-face and is more common in smaller companies.
  2. Panel: Some interviews are with a panel of 2 or more people. Make sure you look at all the interviewers when you’re speaking with them. They may also ask you to do a presentation.
  3. Group Discussion: A group discussion is usually part of an assessment centre day with other candidates. You’ll have to show you can have a good relationship with people, put your ideas forward and be respectful of others.