In this week’s trip blog, I’m going to let you know how the Lancaster trip went and what the students got up to! 

The Lancaster trip went really well, and everyone had an amazing time. There were 3 schools in attendance with a mixture of Year 12’s and 13’s. 

After getting on the coach students arrived at Lancaster University and were welcomed by their team of student ambassadors who were really welcoming and gave firsthand insight to their experiences at university. Students had a welcome talk about student life and accommodation where they learnt about all the societies and accommodation options Lancaster University offered. They then split into groups where student ambassadors gave them a campus tour around the university, who were interesting and engaging. Students were then provided with a packed lunch although many students opted to try out the different eateries available on the campus. 

In the afternoon students got to attend a taster academic session with a choice of sociology, history or geography. I heard the geography session was very hands on with students learning about sustainability in a practical session. I attended the sociology session, and it was great to see so many students getting involved in discussions surrounding digital sociology and looking at the impacts of our personal data and social media.  

Students then headed home after a busy day, and it was great to hear that they all enjoyed themselves. 

There were few challenges on the day, thanks to the amazing planning from Lancaster University and the support from all teachers and staff in attendance. My favourite part of the trip was probably the academic sessions, as I found it fascinating to learn about a subject I had little knowledge in, that was relevant to understanding current issues, such as the living cost crisis.  

Look out for part 3 of our trip blog next week to see how our last trip went!