At the beginning of the year, I ran two trips. One to the University of Central Lancashire and the other to Kendal College. This was the first time I’d had to plan events like these and I’m glad to say that both trips were a huge success.  

The first trip I ran was to the University of Central Lancashire. This trip involved just under 30 Cumbrian students heading to the University to take part in sessions related to business and management. This involved 2 business workshops, one about stocks and shares and the other about the future of digital business. The sessions were interactive and engaging with students participating in a mock stock market as well as having to create a new app and pitch it to a panel of student ambassadors. It was great to observe these sessions and see students having fun and getting involved. Also, as part of this trip students went on a campus tour around the university to see the other aspects of university life such as the library, accommodation and sports facilities.  

Thanks to the help of the staff at UCLan the planning of this trip went very smoothly. I have never planned an event like this before, so the experience was new to me. It was important to stay organised with planning the logistics such as booking coaches and lunches, but it was very rewarding to see students enjoying the day.  

In February I also lead the planning of a trip to Kendal College. This trip focused on the arts and students got to attend a workshop in an arts related subject. These included performing arts, music, games design, art and design, theatre technology and film. I enjoyed planning this trip because it focused on subjects that I didn’t know that much about. Also, as part of this trip students completed a treasure hunt campus tour and listened to a talk from Hope Fogg the School and Community Liaison Officer and the student ambassadors who spoke about what college life is like. It was great to see the students interact with each other in the different sessions and when exploring the college campus.  

With both trips that I planned I felt pride after each trip to know that all of the hard work had paid off. I would like to thank both UCLan and Kendal College for all their help organising each trip and helping make the trips run as smoothly as possible.  

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