The University of Central Lancashire are offering a series of exciting campus visits in June and July 2023. The ‘Get Ahead’ campus visits invite pre 16 learners to the campus where they can take part in a variety of workshops. These include; Law Human Rights, History, Fashion Design, Photography and Games Design. These workshops are roughly 4 hours long and are completely free!  

Each workshop will provide an insight into what each subject is like whilst allowing learners to take part in interactive activities. For example, you might be tasked with solving a fictitious murder mystery, designing your own small-scale piece of clothing, or creating your own video game. Each workshop will give learners hands on experience in the subject of their choice. These workshops are a great opportunity for learners to find out more about a subject that they are interested in but also to experience what further study of these subjects would entail.  

To find out more about or to book a workshop follow this link: Get Ahead UCLan Campus Visits (