A big welcome from the Hello Future team! This is our new and updated website that we are super excited to launch and share with you all. We decided to spend some time on developing this website to provide another useful resource for all those we work with. This is an introduction to one section of our website which will contain news and blogs. These will be uploaded on a regular basis and will provide an insight to local and national higher education (HE) information, as well as all the great things we are up to!

This particular blog will provide a short overview at just some of the content that will be included within our revamped website, along with our target audiences and the general themes behind it. Firstly, this website is aimed to provide information for different people. Whether you are a young person studying in Cumbria, a parent/carer or a teacher/advisor, there will be content here for you. Different layers of information will be available to all of you to meet all our needs when working together. All of our social media accounts, our personal profiles with contact details, our upcoming events and more will be located here! There will also be some new functions on this website including the blogs, there will be a section on projects so you can see what Hello Future staff are working on outside of an educational setting and a resource bank to provide all audiences with information.

Our aim is helping young people progress into HE including University or Apprenticeships. On this website there will be a multitude of information to support the young people studying, and for the parents and carers of those young people – providing them with information and support. Furthermore, there will be lesson plans for the workshops we deliver for Teachers/Advisors, so you can see all the content we deliver. These can then be discussed further if needed before arranging bookings. Within the resources section there will be displayed relevant HE content on a continuous basis to help students be aware of all opportunities available in the area and items such as open days, courses available at institutions and more.

So that is just a short overview of the website. We hope you find it useful! When you get the chance do have a look over all the different sections that are available and hopefully they provide a layer of useful information. Keep an eye out to see what we are up to throughout the terms!

In the meantime if you have any questions or want to check in on any updates, please browse the rest of our website ( and social media channels (@hellofutureccop). You can also get in contact with us directly by emailing