Delivering sessions for the first time
A big part of my role as a Graduate Intern for the Furness area is going into schools and colleges to deliver assemblies, workshops, and presentations. I recently delivered my first group of Hello Future’s ‘My Future Self’ sessions to students at Walney School!

What is the ‘My Future Self’ session?
‘My Future Self’ is our introductory workshop that tells you a bit about Hello Future and what we do but is also our first visit of the year, so we get to find out all about our students’ interests, hobbies, and talents. We encourage students to think about their skills and talents and start to talk about what future jobs they could lead to.

How did it feel to deliver sessions for the first time?
I was really looking forward to meeting the students and getting stuck in by delivering my first session. Doing something new can be daunting at first but by the time I’d delivered a few sessions it was beginning to feel like second nature. All of the students got really involved with the session which was great to see and made each one a success.

What was your favourite part about the session?
The thing I enjoyed most was definitely getting to chat with students and find out what they’re passionate about. Everyone has different interests and priorities when it comes to thinking about a future career and I found it really interesting to hear what students thought about different aspects of the working world and why some things appealed to them more than others. The values activity was especially good for this because it opened a discussion about money and where it fits amongst other priorities.

Why should students be excited about the sessions?
Hello Future’s sessions are really exciting for students because they’re a chance to find out about what options are out there once you leave school. They’re more informal than a normal lesson so you can ask any questions you’d like, and we do lots of different skill building activities too which are perfect for starting to grow your CV.

When I was in Y9 and Y10 and beginning to think about what I wanted to do in the future, it felt like I had to make a tough decision and that was my path for life, but that’s not the case. Something like Hello Future would have been great to tell me about how many different things there are to choose from across different subjects and course types (there’s loads!). And it’s important to remember that whatever you choose, you aren’t fixed to that one pathway for life, it will open up a huge range of opportunities.

If you want to find out where a subject you’re interested in could lead to, check out the prospects website or read some of our case studies on the Hello Future website!