Rebecca Richardson’s Story

Where did you grow up?

Curthwaite, Wigton.

What did you want to be as a child?

I wanted to be a Vet.

What is your current role?

Business Quality Manager at an independent finance advisory firm, Fairstones Financial Management.

What degree course did you study at university?

Law at Northumbria University and then mortgage and protection qualifications with the chartered insurance institute, this was supplied through my employer Fairstones.

What was the best thing about studying at that university and the best thing about your course?

Gaining independence and the chance to meet / get work experience with large scale employers.

Has your career taken any unexpected turns or changed course?

Originally set out for a career in law. Following my degree however I was made redundant in my first job after uni, I took a role in mortgages originally to get back into employment but really enjoyed and excelled in it.

Did you have any worries/concerns? What were they?

Because of the number of students at university it did seem like there would not be enough suitable roles out there for everyone… Particularly in making use of our degrees.

What support did you get/did you find?

Support and employment connections through University tutors.

What advice would you give to a young person living in your area, about entering higher education? Is there anything you know now, that you wish you had been told when you were making your decisions?

It has been really worthwhile, coming from a small village, to gain experience and a level of independence that I don’t think I would have reached otherwise. I didn’t always intend on staying in the North East and would happily have moved back to Cumbria but going to uni opened up opportunities that I couldn’t say no to. Enjoy your time at uni but make the most of it and get plenty of work experience to make yourself stand out that little bit more… Be that in the sector you want to go into, charity, retail… Show that you’re willing to work hard and are proactive!