Course Progress


This training session has been influenced by the piece of research conducted by HASKE (Health & Society Knowledge Exchange) through the University of Cumbria. We have used this information to shape the three video themes contained in this course.

Key bits on information taken that influenced this course included:

  • A number of community organisations within Cumbria with a wide range of ‘gated assets’ (for more on gated assets please watch the ‘Introducing Higher Education’ video.   
  • The Importance of generating conversations in a non-school setting.
  • The need to be trained appropriately in specific skills 
  • Staff in organisations having access to the appropriate information.
  • The need for a tailored approach to different community/voluntary groups, and areas of Cumbria.

In the activity packed linked to this course is a condensed version of the research to help pull out the key bits of information.

To read the full paper please visit: