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City or Campus University?

In this section you’ll consider which sort of university would suit you best- a city or a campus university!

City Universities:

‘City’ universities are located in busy, urban centers and their buildings are often spread out.


  • Immersed in the city culture
  • Lots of things to do
  • More choice for food and drink


  • University is more spread out so more travelling
  • Activities are more likely to cost more e.g. cinema, concert etc.
  • Less green space

Campus Universities:

‘Campus’ universities are self-contained, with everything on one site.


  • Everything is in one place
  • There’s a strong sense of community
  • Peace and quiet is easy to find
  • There’s lots of green space


  • More effort needed to get out and explore
  • You’ll typically be based out of town/ city centre
  • Options for food and drink might be quite limited