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Social Life

This session introduces you to some key words and introduce you to what socialising looks like at university.

Key Words:

  • Contact Hours = hours of face-to-face teaching
  • Society = student-run club based on a subject, interest, or activity
  • Fresher = someone in their first year of university
  • Freshers’ Fair = place where societies and sports teams advertise themselves to new students
  • Maintenance Loan = the part of a student loan which helps cover your day-to-day expenses

Socialising: Societies & Sports:

Every university has a huge range of societies and sports

teams available to join. Some you will be familiar with and some you may never have heard of. Attending fresher’s fair is a great way to see what’s available and learn more about them to see if you’d be interested in joining.

It’s important to budget for them as there is normally a membership fee to pay, although some may be free. They may also come with additional costs, for example equipment or trips.