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Interview Techniques

This section focuses on interviews as a specific aspect of the apprenticeship application process. This includes an exploration of interview techniques including the STAR method. 

After completing this initial application, you will more than likely have to complete an interview. Interviews can take a variety of structures including panel, group or one- to- one and a variety of formats including face-to-face, phone or video. 

Nerves and stress before an interview are perfectly normal and there are lots of techniques that will help you beat the stress and perform well. One of these techniques is the STAR technique. 

Overview of the STAR technique

STAR is a structure used to demonstrate experience or skills when asked in an interview. There are 4 steps involved to help you structures your answers in an interview. 

  1. Situation – This step is all about context. Include here where you were doing a task, who you were doing it with and when you were doing it. 
  2. Task – Now, relate this to the role you were given. What was required of you in this situation? ​
  3. Action – This step focuses on what did you do to resolve the situation. Think about what actions you took or the skills that you used. A key part of this section is to emphasise what skills you used. 
  4. Result – Finally discuss what the outcome of all the above steps was. Make sure to use evidence about the result and discuss what you learnt from this experience.