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The difference between higher and degree apprenticeships

Now that you have explored where apprenticeships fall in the levels of education framework, it is important to understand the difference between higher and degree apprenticeships. 

Features of Higher Apprenticeships 

  • You can work your way up to Level 7 in stages; working through from Level 4 & 5 and through to Levels 6 and 7 depending on whether the employer offers this opportunity. ​

Features of a Degree Apprenticeship

  • Degree apprenticeships achieve a full Bachelors Degree as a core component of the apprenticeship.
  • You are tested on your academic learning as well as professional career by either:​
  • An integrated degree with academic and job skills combined ​OR  A degree PLUS a separate test of professional skills leaving you with a professional qualification too. ​
  • During your degree apprenticeship, like a degree,  you will work your way through levels 4, 5 over time; eventually earning your Level 6 qualification at the end.  ​

Features of both Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

  • Both take around 1 – 5 years to complete.