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Using your local community to your advantage

Adult and access learners often decide to stay locally when attending HE for numerous reasons. While this often portrayed as a negative of the experience, here at Hello Future disagree! Staying local can be a great way to meet learner needs. Moreover, if the student knows how to use the local knowledge and expertise, it could significantly enrich students HE experience.

Locally based Higher Education (HE) is more “geographically accessible” for students, especially mature ones who must combine “work or family commitments” (Greenwood et al, 2008)

Studying locally is not as negative as its often presented – attending HE locally provides a great opportunity to leverage the local cultural capital you hold:

Using your knowledge of local sights/restaurants/bars can be a great way to enrich your social experience at university – Non-local students will not be as clued up on these experiences.

Friends and Family

If you do choose to study locally, you immediately have access to a fantastic support network in your friends and family – Need help with childcare? Why not ask a friend or family member to babysit while you study one night – Why not tell friends of big submission dates so you can celebrate together!

Local Employment Opportunities 

Attending HE locally may mean you already have knowledge of local employers in your field – why not contact these and see if they can give you any experience, tips or graduate job opportunities!