University Life as an Adult Learner

Hi there! Welcome to our online e-course on ‘University as an Adult Learner’. Hello Future, along with help from all our partners, have created this course with adult and access learners in mind. However, we believe students across the board will find it a useful guide for adapting to university life!

Adult and access learners can often struggle to adapt to university life. Research tells us this is due to several factors, including; time out of education, non-academic pressures (childcare, working, etc), and the higher risk associated with their decision to return to education. This course helps to address these issues. It will outline how adult learners can shape their own university journey, and how they can overcome many of the issues presented by the research!

The learning outcomes for this course are:

– To identify and dispel myths around student life that may put adult and access learners off engaging in the university community.

– To be aware of the challenges often faced by adult learners when first starting out at university.

РTo understand how to overcome these challenges  and ensure your university experience is enriching.

This course should take 30 minutes to complete. It does not need to be completed in one sitting, feel free to start and comeback to the course whenever you have the time.