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Topic 1: Misconceptions, challenges, and a one size fits all experience.

Within this topic, we will start by running through the incorrect stereotype that students are often given. Following this, we will then identify how these misconceptions can often put off adult and access learners from engaging in the university community. We will finish by identifying the reasons people become a student, proving that there is no one size fits all experience for university life in the process.

How are students usually perceived with society?

Students are often portrayed with less responsibility, constantly out, lazy, and so on. This stereotype is not only wrong but puts a lot of adult learners off the idea of being a student. They see this stereotype and often assume university is not for them, or that they are too late in their life to attend!

Yes, lots of people do attend university life for the social life, but this is just one small reason in a myriad of reasons. Lots of people go to university to develop a career, master a topic they’re passionate about, explore a new place, retrain, the list could go on.

For example, my mum returned to university as an adult to improve her career. She came out of university and became a teacher.  This was much higher pay than her previous job, was a lot more stable, and she enjoyed it a lot more!

The freedom of university life

So, what do all these reasons show? Ultimately, they show university life is different for everyone. It it’s up to you to decide what sort of experience you have at university, the beauty of attending university is the freedom to make your experience your own.

There will be plenty of other people at university for the same reasons as you, so do not feel put off by the stereotype that’s often wrongly put forward. “University life” is different for everyone and its up to you to decide what sort of experience you want! The beauty of university is the freedom to make that choice!