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Different types of interview questions​

This topic will prepare you for some of the interview questions that you could potentially have to answer. You will learn about the 6 types and understand what the employer is trying to find out about you.

In an interview you will likely be asked a range of questions which will focus on at least one of the types below. There are 6 types of questions you may be asked, and they are designed to see if you are a good fit for the role or course as well as an opportunity to see if you would enjoy the role or course you’re applying to. 

  1. Competency-Based – To focus on the things you can do, so you’ll need to give examples to show you have the skills for the job. 
  2. Strengths-based – To explore what you enjoy doing or do well. 
  3. Technical questions – Employers may test your job-related knowledge and understanding of work processes. Common for jobs: law, IT 
  4. Situational judgement questions – Employers may ask how you would react in typical work situations. This is to check things like your ability to solve problems, make decisions or work with others. 
  5. Value-based – To identify whether you share the organisation’s values and understand their culture.
  6. Motivational – These help an employer to see what drives you and to make sure you’ll fit in with their company.