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How to structure your answers​

The STAR technique is a way to structure answers and provide evidence of your skills to the employer.

Situation: Describe the situation and when did it take place

Task: Explain the task and what was the objective.

Action: Give details about the Action you took to achieve this.

Result: Close with the result of your action.


Now have a look at the example below. You have been asked in the interview to: “Name a time when you have completed a piece of work to a deadline?” 

Think about how you could respond.

Situation: As part of a University module, I was given the unique experience of working with a company alongside my team. 

Task: The objective was to create a business plan for a company so they could increase profits. This needed to be of a professional standard and within the one week deadline. 

Action: I quickly communicated with my group members and clearly assigned each member of the group a different task. This broke up the workload for each member. I made the decision for my team to proofread each others work. 

Result: The result of this saw myself and the rest of the group meet our deadline and present to the company our findings. The company thanked us and the University for our contribution.