Evaluating impact and sharing knowledge

At Hello Future, we are committed to ensuring our programme of intervention activities can be measured, and that the impact we have on the Cumbrian learners can be evaluated. Since 2017, we have been contributing to Higher Education evaluation outreach both in Cumbria and at a national level.

This section of our website provides more information about ‘what we do’ and ‘why’, demonstrates our impact on the lives of Cumbrian learners, shares our expert knowledge of evaluating outreach to upskill the sector and houses our library of commissioned research and evaluation studies – all of which contributes to understanding the needs of learners in Cumbria.

We are happy for the reports, briefing papers, tool kits and templates to be downloaded, used and shared as widely as possible.

Understanding our impact

We are committed to understanding the measurable impact we have on the young people we have been established to support.

Meeting our clearly defined aims by fulfilling our objectives is central to our work. We have specific objectives for our Targeted Outreach Programme, The Outreach Hub and Evaluation. To meet our objectives we deliver an outreach programme made up of intervention activities that take various formats.

Intervention formats are the mechanism through which an outreach activity is delivered such as mentoring, community outreach and workshops. Intervention activity describes the content of the outreach and the themes explored within.

To ensure we have measurable impact we use a Theory of Change. This is a visual representation of our programme’s inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and underlying mechanisms.

Its main function is to enable us to understand how the different parts of our programme fit together to ensure we meet our objectives. We also use it as a benchmark through which to ask ourselves questions to ensure our target learners are receiving impactful outreach interventions at the right time in their educational journey.

Our whole programme Progression Framework is an accessible guide. It’s for our central team, careers leaders and teachers to facilitate learner access to a sustained programme of Higher Education and Apprenticeship outreach across the county.

Its development is a collaborative process, shaped by the whole team and updated each July (ahead of the start of the academic year) in response to our learning about ‘what works’ in the previous year.


Community Outreach

Our Research